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Our Team

Paul Lance

MD, Words, Pictures & Video
Paul has spent 20 years in the publishing industry where he’s produced some of NZ’s leading magazines in their category, imaginative websites and a done a whole heap of bike riding. Often found behind the lens of a camera, Paul can turn his hand to most things as long as it’s not building!

  • Words & Pictures 100%
  • Web Designing 75%
  • Social Media 95%

Gemma Wild

Lead Graphic Designer
Gemma is a design master. From houses to buses, posters to books, magazines to flyers – if you need it done in a hurry and to look fantastic, Gemma is the one you need to speak too. With a flair for everything creative, she’ll make coming up with the perfect design as easy as doing it yourself.

  • Photoshop 100%
  • InDesign 100%
  • Illustrator 90%

Kerry Olsen

Events Manager
Looking for someone to plan every last detail of your event? Kerry is the one you need behind you. From planning invites to organising venues and making sure the food is fab and the beverages are flowing, Kerry has it all in hand.

  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Tech Support 80%
  • Community Management 95%

Timely Support

Having dealt with weekly print deadlines for over a decade, we know all about receiving targets and making sure great work is produced on time.

Innovative Ideas

From old school posters and books to the latest email marketing, websites and video, we can offer you a solution for every project.

Advanced Technology

With the latest editing software, top-shelf camera equipment, professional photographers on staff and an eye for creative angles, we’ve got the tools to make your project look amazing.

Clear Communication

Phone, text, email or messenger? Whichever form of communication you prefer, we will always keep you in the loop with how your project is going and how the timeline is progressing.

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